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SO FLUFFY by AddMedia SO FLUFFY :iconaddmedia:AddMedia 438 102 WRS MMD by Digitrevx by Digitrevx WRS MMD by Digitrevx :icondigitrevx:Digitrevx 351 163 Dark Green by emeraldeyes152000 Dark Green :iconemeraldeyes152000:emeraldeyes152000 232 20 Marshall Lee DL by arteaga1 Marshall Lee DL :iconarteaga1:arteaga1 37 18 Butchercup fluff  by polarbear1234 Butchercup fluff :iconpolarbear1234:polarbear1234 340 65 Marshall Lee Stamp by Lithestep Marshall Lee Stamp :iconlithestep:Lithestep 106 14 Stamp - Tales of... fan by EphemeralComic Stamp - Tales of... fan :iconephemeralcomic:EphemeralComic 1,048 0 The Walking Dead - Shut up. by XionStamps The Walking Dead - Shut up. :iconxionstamps:XionStamps 2,678 288 Insane Black Rock Shooter stamp 2 by foundcanvas14 Insane Black Rock Shooter stamp 2 :iconfoundcanvas14:foundcanvas14 255 21 ...Black...Rock...Shooter... by azianwolfdoll ...Black...Rock...Shooter... :iconazianwolfdoll:azianwolfdoll 1,152 39 Draco x Hermione by QuidxProxQuo Draco x Hermione :iconquidxproxquo:QuidxProxQuo 80 4 HP Emma + Tom Dance Stamp by TwilightProwler HP Emma + Tom Dance Stamp :icontwilightprowler:TwilightProwler 98 4 HP Hermione Punches Draco Stamp by TwilightProwler HP Hermione Punches Draco Stamp :icontwilightprowler:TwilightProwler 242 30 Marshall Lee Stamp by Candy-Swirl Marshall Lee Stamp :iconcandy-swirl:Candy-Swirl 342 22 4ever MarceLee - Stamp by ClaudiaVBM 4ever MarceLee - Stamp :iconclaudiavbm:ClaudiaVBM 44 8 Marceline =P by clio-mokona Marceline =P :iconclio-mokona:clio-mokona 393 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Name's KilaraRenee
:iconblackrose-1::iconblackrose-2::iconblackrose-3::iconblackrose-5::iconblackrose-6::iconblackrose-7x: Legend of Zelda - Small Heart Stamp by opalette:iconblackrose-1::iconblackrose-2::iconblackrose-3::iconblackrose-5::iconblackrose-6::iconblackrose-7x:
I was known as Kilara-Hatake. I got tired of my old name & decided to change it. I still have my old account but it will be unactive.
:thumb381434051: :thumb381466103: :thumb381433507:
Colors: Anything dark really. Black, Crimson Red, Blue, Green

Black Butler, Black Rock Shooter, Cardcaptors, Cowboy Bebop, Danganronpa, Death Note, DragonBall series, Full Metal Alchemist, Gundam Wing, High School of the Dead, Inuyasha, Iria, Legend of the Legendary Heroes, Naruto, One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club, Outlaw Star, Pokemon, Ronin Warriors, Rosario+Vampire, Sailor Moon, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Shaman King, Soul Eater, Sword Art Online, Tenchi series, Trigun

Adventure Time, Family Guy, Fear of the Walking Dead, Futuruma, Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans, The Walking Dead, X-Men

American McGee's Alice, Final Fantasy series, Fire Emblem series, Five Nights at Freddy's series, Grand Theft Auto series, Left 4 Dead series, Legend of Zelda series, Pokemon series, Saints Row series, Smash Bros series, Tales of series, Vocaloid

All Marvel Movies, Corpse Bride, The Fast & The Furious (all), Ghost Ship, Harry Potter (all), Ice Age (all), Jurassic Park (all), Pirates OtC (all), Resident Evil (all), Tim's Burton's Alice in Wonderland, X-men (all)

Anime Mangas, Harry Potter, Twilight, The Walking Dead
Stamp: Marshall by Kumanari Marshall Lee Stamp by Lithestep 4ever MarceLee - Stamp by ClaudiaVBM :thumb357030837: Marceline =P by clio-mokona
~Fave Anime/Game/Book and Characters~
Adventure Time: Marceline, Marshall Lee, Fionna, Flame Princess
Black Rock Shooter: Black Rock Shooter
Dangaronpa: Enoshima, Komaeda, Kirigiri, Monokuma, Mioda, Celestia
Death Note: L
Dragonball Z/GT: Trunks (Future one)
Cardcaptors: Sakura, Lee, Kero (small version)
Final Fantasy VII: Tifa, Cloud, Vincent
Final Fantasy VIII: Squall
Final Fantasy X: Lulu, Auron
Final Fantasy X-2: Paine, Gippal, Baralai
Final Fantasy XIII- Lightning, Serah
Final Fantasy V: Noctis
Fire Emblem: Ike, Marth, Roy, Chrom, Lucina, Robin (Female)
Five Nights at Freddy's: Foxy
Gundam Wing: Trowa, Heero, Wufei
Harry Potter: Hermione, Harry, Fred, George, Bill, Snape, Sirius
High School of the Dead: Saeko & Saya
Inuyasha: Sango, Kirara, Koga, Bankotsu, Sesshomaru
Kingdom Hearts: Pretty much every character
Left 4 Dead Series: Ellis, Louis, Hunter, Witch
Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Ryner, Ferris, Tiir, Claugh
Legend of Zelda: Zelda/Sheik, Link/Wolf Link, Dark Link
Mario series: Rosalina, Daisy, Toad, Yoshi
Naruto: Sakura, Gaara, TenTen, Neji, Temari, Shikamaru, Sai, Sasori, Itachi, Pein, Konan
Ouran High School Host Club: Hikaru & Kaoru (they're like the anime version of Fred & George XD)
Powerpuff Girls: Buttercup, Butch
Ronin Warriors: Sage, Rowen
Rosario+Vampire: Moka (both versions), Mizore
Sailor Moon: Lita (Makoto), Amara (Haruka), Michelle (Michiru)
Saints Row: Lin, Johnny, Troy, Viola, Matt Miller, Prof. Genki
Sonic the Hedgehog: Shadow, Blaze, Tails, Knuckles
Soul Eater: Maka, Soul, Stein
Sword Art Online: Kirito, Asuna
Tales of Destiny: Leon
Tales of Eternia: Reid
Tales of Symphonia: Kratos
Teen Titans: Raven, Robin (Nightwing), Aqualad
Tekken: Christie, Jin, Hwoarang
Tenchi Series: Washu, Kiyone, Sasami, Ryo-ohki
Twilight: Jasper, Jacob, Jane
Vocaloid: Miku
The Walking Dead: Daryl, Hershel, Glenn, Rick, Carl, Michonne, Carol
Xenosaga: Kos-mos
X-men: Gambit
HP Hermione Punches Draco Stamp by TwilightProwler Draco x Hermione by QuidxProxQuo HP Emma + Tom Dance Stamp by TwilightProwler
~Anime/Game/Book Pairings~
Sailor Moon/Ronin Warriors: Sage/Lita, Rowan/Michelle
Sailor Moon/Gundam Wing: Trowa/Lita, Heero/Amara
FFVIII/FFX-2: Squall/Paine
FFXIII/FFV: Noctis/Lightning
Adventure Time: Marshall Lee/Marceline (fave), Flame Prince/Flame Princess, Finn/Fionna
FFX-2: Gippal/Paine (fave), Baralai/Paine
FFVII: Cloud/Tifa (fave), Zack/Aerith (Aeris)
Fire Emblem: Chrom/Robin (female)
Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione, Fred/Hermione, Draco/Hermione (fave, why didn't this one happen?? T-T)
Inuyasha: Bankotsu/Sango, Sesshomaru/Sango (fave), Inuyasha/Kikyo
Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Ryner/Ferris
Legend of Zelda: Link/Zelda, Dark Link/Zelda
Naruto: Gaara/Sakura (fave), Sasori/Sakura, Neji/Sakura, Sai/Sakura, Shikamaru/Sakura, Neji/TenTen, Shikamaru/Temari
Powerpuff Girls: Butch/Buttercup (fave), Boomer/Bubbles, Brick/Blossom
Soul Eater: Soul/Maka
...Black...Rock...Shooter... by azianwolfdoll :iconbrs-stamp: Insane Black Rock Shooter stamp 2 by foundcanvas14
~Hobbies~ (Feel free to add me, if you want)
Pottermore: SilverStorm12539 (I'm in Slytherin & Proud of it!)
Videogames~ DarknessPaine @…
Steam Account: KilaraRenee @…
Wii U: KilaraRenee
X-box Live: KilaraRenee
Playstation: KilaraRenee
Artwork~ this one
Fanfiction~ KilaraRene'e @…
YouTube~ KilaraRenee @…
Warrior Stamp by PhoenixKnght86 Senshi Stamp by Songficcer Gundam Wing Stamp by KrisRey Stamp - Tales of... fan by EphemeralComic Naruto-stamp by kairiSparda
Current Residence: Home of the St. Louis Blues
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Alternative, Pop, R&B, Dance, Hip Hop/Rap, Metal
MP3 player of choice: Zune (If mine worked still T^T )
The Walking Dead - Shut up. by XionStamps Stamp: Kikyo is Cool by ReiBogatu
Fave Quotes:
"Death hurts like hell." -Heero from Gundam Wing (manga)
"Always with an end comes hope & rebirth." -Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon (manga)
"Plotting Revenge is Fun, if I do say so myself!" -me
"I'm the Witch, Deal with It!" -me
"I look forward to a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, so I can kick some zombie ass." -me
"Haters are goin' to hate, I say either deal with it or get lost. I've got better things to do, then dealing with your bs. So don't waste my time." -me

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